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How to install Windows in Linode


Hi !
During the past few weeks I found myself doing lots of work with Windows VMs. I finally started reading-up on the use of snapshots and took the time to figure out how to install the Windows VM on Linode ( and Online.net ) . Today I will share templates that I have created and successfully installed.

And all http://files.duc5e.net

Buy file at https://iso.quanlyvps.com/item/10009

How to Install 

1) Create a new Linode VPS, the smallest Linode VPS will work so pick whatever size you’d like.
2) Once the VM is created, we’re going to make a single disk.
3) Now we need a Configuration Profile that will boot Windows.
4) Next we boot the VPS into Rescue Mode and access it via the Glish interface
5) Alright, we’re ready to do the transfer with the following command

wget -O- http://files.duc5e.net/filename.gz | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda 

6) When you bring the Glish window back up the screen will just be black, press a button to wake it up and see the command line like we left it. Lets do a restart with reboot


Updated on December 29, 2017

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